Pain Management Treatment in Ooltewah, TN

Pain Management at Collegedale Physical Medicine goes deeper than just masking your pain with medication. While drugs may offer temporary relief, they can't correct functional problems or the affected spinal joints. Our drug free method has helped thousands of people in the Chattanooga area to live a life with less pain.

Fooling your Body

When dealing with pain, many people's first reaction is to reach for a pain pill. But numbing your pain doesn’t solve the problem, it only masks it. Over time the body adapts to whatever pain medication it is receiving, and the dosage must be increased to have any effect. When a person continues using pain medication over a prolonged period of time it can cause damage to liver and kidneys. For some pain medications, prolonged use can also carry the risk of addiction. Using a drug to mask your pain may be convenient but it's not sustainable.

Correcting The Cause

We focus on creating permanent changes in our patients' bodies so they can find lasting pain relief. We do this by addressing the underlying spinal problems with safe and natural chiropractic care and regenerative medicine. This process is natural, effective and harnesses your body's natural healing abilities to create relief from pain.

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  • Janna R.
    It was a great experience! Best chiropractor in Chattanooga and Kalie gives the best massage!
    Janna R.
  • Ritchie P.
    Very attentive to my needs. They didn’t try to sell me on a bunch of visits I might not need. Great quality care!
    Ritchie P.
  • Andy B.
    They do a fantastic job. I would recommend everyone to see them.
    Andy B.
  • Alvin R.
    Collegedale Chiropractic has really been a tremendous help to me and my wife. The doctor and the staff are great and down to earth people. I highly recommend them.
    Alvin R.
  • Matt R.
    I have been going to Collegedale Chiropractic for almost twenty years. The staff are friendly and Dr. Schrader is fantastic.
    Matt R.