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Your health and well being is our number one priority, so we want to empower you with information to make better decisions for your health. Listed below are various blogs written by Dr. Gregory Schrader. These articles contain important information that can help you stay updated on the latest medical news and give you a better understanding on how to achieve your optimal health. These blogs are also a great resource of information that is hard to come by in mainstream medical practices. We address many topics in these posts that focus on giving people the resources and knowledge to stay healthy and to help treat the underlying causes of their symptoms.

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  • Janna R.
    It was a great experience! Best chiropractor in Chattanooga and Kalie gives the best massage!
    Janna R.
  • Ritchie P.
    Very attentive to my needs. They didn’t try to sell me on a bunch of visits I might not need. Great quality care!
    Ritchie P.
  • Andy B.
    They do a fantastic job. I would recommend everyone to see them.
    Andy B.
  • Alvin R.
    Collegedale Chiropractic has really been a tremendous help to me and my wife. The doctor and the staff are great and down to earth people. I highly recommend them.
    Alvin R.
  • Matt R.
    I have been going to Collegedale Chiropractic for almost twenty years. The staff are friendly and Dr. Schrader is fantastic.
    Matt R.